Workplaces where WSNA represents nurses for collective bargaining:

Protect yourself and protect your practice

Your license is your livelihood

Decide for yourself the best way to protect yourself and your license. Don’t let ANYONE, including your employer and colleagues, tell you that you shouldn’t do everything in your power to protect yourself.

Malpractice insurance (Professional Liability Insurance)

  • NSO (Endorsed by WSNA)
  • Mercer (through American Nurses Association)

Nursing Commission (Board of Nursing) Quick Reference Guide

Nurse Practice Act & the Disciplinary Process

FREE Continuing Nursing Education

Any RN can take these classes but WSNA members get it for FREE!

Your national unions

As a union member of WSNA, you are also a member of these national labor organizations.

WSNA union elected leadership

Cabinet on Economic & General Welfare


Union News

Will you stand with me?

This attack did not originally target nurses, but instead, public union workers. Regardless, it’s going to impact our practice.

Congratulations, 2017 Leadership Award winners!

Each year, WSNA’s Cabinet on Economic & General Welfare recognizes outstanding leaders in Local Units across the state. These fearless nurses, nominated by their peers, received their awards at WSNA’s Leadership Conference in late September 2017. Congratulations to all of them for their dedication and outstanding work on behalf of WSNA members!

Don't let them silence us

When we stand together as union nurses, we have the power to win a fair return on our work and conditions that allow us to provide better care to our patients.