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Meet a “do-it-all” nurse, with a special passion for social justice

The Public Health Insider blog, produced by Public Health - Seattle & King County, featured WSNA member Tina Maestas for National Public Health Week (April 3-7th). Tina is a Public Health Nurse based in Renton, one of seven Seattle & King County Public Health Nurses whose offices are located inside a “CSO” – a state office where people can apply for assistance with cash, food, child support, disability and other services.

MEDIA RELEASE: Nurse rest and meal break lawsuit settlement at St. Joe’s in Tacoma includes $5 million in back pay

Under the terms of the settlement, St. Joseph will pay nurses $5 million in back pay for missed meal and rest breaks. St. Joseph also will establish a “block break relief” system to ensure that nurses are afforded uninterrupted rest periods, and the hospital committed to hiring an additional 26 break relief nurses to safely care for patients while other nurses take their rest and meal breaks.

MEDIA RELEASE: With Tacoma General failing to address dangerous, chronic understaffing, RNs head back to bargaining table Nov. 15

TACOMA--(Nov. 14, 2016) The WSNA-represented nurses at Tacoma General Hospital head back into mediation tomorrow demanding that the hospital address the severe, chronic staffing concerns that imperil patient safety at the hospital. Management’s deceptive “bargaining summary” prompts new Unfair Labor Practice charge. “No Voluntary Overtime, No Voluntary Extra Shifts” job action, which started Nov. 10, is having an impact, with nurses reporting receiving hundreds of text messages over the weekend begging them to come in.

MEDIA RELEASE: Tacoma General nurses say “NO” to voluntary overtime, extra shifts Nov. 10-17

TACOMA – (Nov. 7, 2016) After 11 months at the bargaining table, the registered nurses at MultiCare Tacoma General Hospital will not take voluntary overtime or extra shifts Nov. 10-17. This concerted union action is in response to MultiCare’s ongoing illegal actions against the nurses, as well as its refusal to address staffing issues and break coverage in a way that supports the safe care of patients at the hospital.

TG NURSES: You have union rights and protections.

A Tacoma General physician filed an unfair labor practice charge against MultiCare and WON! That's why you're seeing these official Notices around the hospital promising not to interfere with YOUR RIGHTS under the National Labor Relations Act.

MultiCare fighting groundbreaking rest break arbitration

In January, 2016, an arbitrator ordered MultiCare Tacoma General Hospital to cease using the “break buddy system.” MultiCare responded by filing a lawsuit in federal court to get the “final and binding” decision overturned, and has put proposals on the negotiating table to invalidate everything WSNA fought for - and won - in court.

U.S. Supreme Court defends workers’ rights

On March 29, the U.S. Supreme Court, down to eight justices after the death of Antonin Scalia, split 4-4 on the Friedrichs v. California Teachers Association case. The split decision affirms a lower-court ruling that allows public-employee unions to continue collecting “fair share membership” dues for those it represents who decline to join the union.

Media roundup: Candlelight vigil at Kadlec

Nurses at Kadlec Medical Center, along with community supporters, gathered on Monday for a candlelight vigil. Contract negotiations have been ongoing for the last seven months. Here are some stories by media outlets covering the event.